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Proceedings of the Symposium on Business and Economics in Times of Crisis - 2015

This page lists the presenters and the country in which their institution/university/company is located. Click on the title of the presentation to find out more details.

Featured Presenter:   Christophe Schalck (France)
Featured Paper: Impact of the crisis on the public debt management: The case of France

Session A

Abstr./Paper 1: The Non-Declared (Currency) War – Or: Devaluation As Growth Policy
Leef H. Dierks (Germany)

Abstr./Paper 2: Accuracy of economic forecasts 1998-2013
Pekka Eskola (Finland)

Abstr./Paper 3: Emissions, Trade openness, Urbanisation, and Income in Thailand: An Empirical Analysis
Rossarin Osathanunkul (Thailand)

Abstr./Paper 4: Business Resilience and Dealing with Economic Crises: Developing a Model to Measure Business Resilience
Glenn Varona (Australia)

Abstr./Paper 5: The Economic impact of the Arab Spring on Tunisia
Samer Matta (United Kingdom)

Abstr./Paper 6: Investor sentiment, limits to arbitrage, and the performance of cross-country stock market anomalies
Adam Zaremba (Poland)

Session B

Abstr./Paper 7: The analysis of factors influencing fruit consumption among European citizens. Case study location – Romania
Cristina-Gabriela Dumitru (Romania)

Abstr./Paper 8: Examining the nature of foreign direct investments’ responses to adjusting corporate income tax rates in OECD countries
Anastasios Saraidaris (Greece)

Abstr./Paper 9: Performance and Risk Measurement in Greek Public Administration
Vyttas Vasileios (Greece)

Abstr./Paper 10: Tax Policy Measures in Times of Crisis: Empirical Evidence from South-Eastern European Countries
Elena Neshovska Kjoseva (Republic of Macedonia)

Abstr./Paper 11: Challenges and opportunities of organisational change in Russian universities
Tatiana Khvatova (Russia) and Madeleine Block (Russia)

Session C

Abstr./Paper 12: An Integrated Overview of Innovation to overcome Economic Crises: past, present and future
Elisabeth Pereira (Portugal)

Abstr./Paper 13: How Did the Global Financial Crisis Affect International Production/Distribution Networks? Evidence from Taiwan Machinery Industry
Chin-Ho Lin (Taiwan)

Abstr./Paper 14: Market Timing and Stock Rotation between Islamic and Conventional Banking Stocks During a Financial Crisis
Welcome Sibanda (United Arab Emirates)

Abstr./Paper 15: Evaluating Macroprudential policy rules in a model with financial frictions
Manuel Sánchez (Spain)

Abstr./Paper 16: The financial situation of the meat enterprises in Poland in the period of economic crisis
Elżbieta Szymańska (Poland)