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Proceedings of the Symposium on Business and Economics in Times of Crisis - 2014

This page lists the presenters and the country in which their institution/university/company is located. Click on the title of the presentation to find out more details.

Featured Presenter:  Leef Dierks (Germany)
En Route to a European Banking Union - Disrupting the Doom Loop?

Session A
Session Chair: Leef Dierks

Abstr./Paper 1: Debt and economic growth in the European Union: what causes what?
Candida Ferreira (Portugal)

Abstr./Paper 2: Debt and growth: what causes what?
Nazmus Sadat Khan (Germany)

Abstr./Paper 3: Quantifying the costs of sovereign defaults using a natural experiment
Fabian Horn (Germany)

Abstr./Paper 4: Is public private partnership  the solution for public finance in crisis times?  Arguments for and against
Hanna Kociemska (Poland)

Abstr./Paper 5: Can the Great Recession be explained by Long Business Cycle Research?
Nils Otter (Austria) and Nele Franz (Austria)

Session B
Session Chair: Craig Medlen

Abstr./Paper 6: Marginal Q: An Institutional Search for an Unobservable Variable
Craig Medlen (United States)

Abstr./Paper 7: The impact of the economic crisis on listed private equity
Simone Hollenwaeger (Switzerland) and Andreas Gruener (Switzerland)

Abstr./Paper 8: Relationship between implied volatility and the underlying in major international stock markets
Silvia Vaz (Portugal)

Abstr./Paper 9: Flight-to-Quality: Evidence from Turkish and US Financial Markets during 2008 Economic Crisis
Hatice Gaye Gencer (Turkey)

Abstr./Paper 10: Commonality in Credit Risk of Central and East European Countries
Arvydas Kregždė (Lithuania) and Gediminas Murauskas (Lithuania)

Session C
Session Chair: Simone Hollenwaeger

Abstr./Paper 11: The extent of application of the process management principles in relation to the legal form of the business and the business activity in the period of economic crisis in small and medium sized enterprises
Monika Maříková, Ladislav Rolínek, Jana Kubecová, and Jaroslav Vrchota  (Czech Republic)

Abstr./Paper 12: Implementation of the business process management principles as a current management trend
Jana Kubecová, Ladislav Rolínek. Monika Maříková, and Jaroslav Vrchota  (Czech Republic)

Abstr./Paper 13: Barriers and drivers for innovation in times of crisis
Ricardo Augusto Zimmermann (Portugal)

Abstr./Paper 14: Latent potential - identifying the channels for private sector peace-building in Somalia
Tim Wilson (Rwanda)

Session D
Chair:  João Pereira dos Santos

Abstr./Paper 15: Suicides and the economic cycle revisited: a long term approach
João Pereira dos Santos (Portugal) and Mariana Tavares (Portugal)

Abstr./Paper 16: Youth Employment in Turkey and a new approach to Unemployment Reduction Policies: UMEM (The project of specialized professional training centres
Abdulkadir BULUŞ  (Turkey)

Abstr./Paper 17: Income inequality, fiscal adjustments and political (in)stability
Vitor Castro (Portugal)

Abstr./Paper 18: Uniqueness and indeterminacy - The Dynamics of the Ramsey Model
Constantin Chilarescu (France) and Ioana Viasu (Romania)

Session E
Session Chair: Muhammad Anum Hasan

Abstr./Paper 19: Power Crisis in Pakistan: Scourge of Economic Success in 2000s
Muhammad Anum Hasan (Pakistan)

Abstr./Paper 20: Homo Oeconomicus in Times of Economic Turbulences: Have the Last Economic Crisis Opened a Window of Opportunity to Change the Dominant Economic Model of Human Being?
Joanna Dzionek-Kozłowska (Poland)

Abstr./Paper 21: Corporate Tax Revenue responses to Income Tax Rates’ settings. A country-specific panel investigation for a group of OECD countries
Anastasios Saraidaris (Greece)

Abstr./Paper 22: Can Women Grow Economy? Female Labor Force Participation Rate and the Relationship of Economic Growth: Bootstrap Panel Granger Causality Analysis
Senem ŞAHİN and Gulbahar UCLER (Turkey)