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Proceedings of the Symposium on Business and Economics in Times of Crisis 2012

Session A

“Crisis Anticipation: Has It Any Impacts in Company Performance During the Crisis?”
Maria del Mar Alonso Almeida (Spain) & Kerstin Bremser (Germany) (Chair)

“Loan loss provisioning in selected European banking sectors: Do banks really behave in a procyclical way?”
Jan Frait (Czech Republic) & Zlatuše Komárková (Czech Republic)

“Sovereign Risk and the Small Open Economy: the Case of the Czech Republic”
Lubos Komarek, Zlatuse Komarková, Kamil Janacek & Michal Hlavacek (Czech Republic)

“A thin line between Intangibles assets and speculative market bubble in inflating stock prices; An analysis”
John Mulenga (Poland)

“Labour market modifications in the period of economic changes”
Guntars Vanags (Latvia)

Session B

“TAF effect on liquidity risk exposures”
Stefano Puddu (Switzerland) (Chair)

“Should We Care About the Composition of Tax-Based Stimulus Packages?”
Peren Arin (United Arab Emirates)

“The Effects of Introducing Flat Tax in on Macro and Micro Economical Level”
Florina Balcu (Romania)

“Changes in the Income Structure as an One of the Root of the Current Financial Crisis”
Jacek Tomkiewicz (Poland)

Session C

“Developing a 21st Century Infrastructure in Emerging Markets: The Potential Impact on the Global Commons”
Ruth McPhail (Australia)

“The Economic Impact of Radioactive Convergences Surrounding Fukushima City: Japan in Times of Crisis”
Vedat Yorucu (North Cyprus)

“A simulation game of economically interacting countries”
Nicholas Olenev (Russia)

“Lehman Brothers' Rise and Fall - From Heros to Dust”
Pranvera Latifi (Albania)

Session D

“Applying an Organizational Lens to the Study of Financial Crisis: An analysis of the U.S. Housing Bubble”
Brandon William Soltwisch (United States) (Chair)

“Marketing Mix Strategy Adaptation: A Retail Organisation's Response to the Global Economic Crisis”
Pieter Steenkamp (South Africa)

“Youth entrepreneurship in crisis period: The Greek case”
Elektra Pitoska (Greece)