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Proceedings of the LCBR European Marketing Conference 2016


This page lists the presenters and the country in which their institution/university/company is located. Click on the title of the presentation to find out more details.

Cover Page
Procedural Notes

Featured Presenter:   Martin W Smith (United Kingdom)
Topic:  Game Advertising: A Systematic Literature Review

Session A

Abstr./Paper 1:  Consumer attitudes towards advertising in mobile games
Adrienne Steffen (Germany)

Abstr./Paper 2:  Youths’ attitudes toward banking services and bank advertising in China
Lennon Tsang (Hong Kong)

Abstr./Paper 3:  Marketing for core acquisition and remarketing of remanufactured products
Celal Hakan Kagnicioglu (Turkey)

Abstr./Paper 4:  The Impact of overall Store image on purchasing intentions of private brand,  while considering the mediating effect of private brand perceptions
Noha Bendary (Egypt)

Abstr./Paper 5:  Luxury goods’ perception within Millenials cohort – do country specific characteristics still matter?
Ana Pinto Lima (Portugal) and Beata Stępień (Poland)

Session B
Session B is part of the Forum on Industrial Organization and Marketing

Abstr./Paper 6:  Price Signaling with Information Acquisition and Time-on-the-Market
Carla Guadalupi (Spain)

Abstr./Paper 7:  How do universities differentiate themselves?
Mike Peacey (United Kingdom) and Gervas Huxley (United Kingdom)

Abstr./Paper 8:  Process innovation and the choice of competition mode in Mixed Oligopoly
Debasmita Basak (United Kingdom)

Abstr./Paper 9:  Plural forms of governance for complying with sanitary standards
Iciar Pavez (France)

Session C

Abstr./Paper 10:  Explaining the percentage of franchised units: Spanish franchised chains
Rosa Mariz (Spain)

Abstr./Paper 11:  How Social Enterprises use Strategic Marketing and Social Marketing to Drive Sustainable Development
Judith Herbst (Australia)

Abstr./Paper 12:  The Effect of CSR Signals on Brand Equity: A Consumer Involvement Perspective
Kirsten Cowan (France)

Abstr./Paper 13:  Antecedents of UK Muslim's Community Purchasing Behavior of Halal-Labelled Products
Reham I. Elseidi (Egypt)

Session D

Abstr./Paper 14:  Customized Information Supply in the B2C Online Retail Business – Competitive Differentiator or Commodity?
Philipp Hoberg (Germany)

Abstr./Paper 15:  Patient Care delivery and Supply Chain Management in selected Private Hospitals in Ilorin, Nigeria
R. A. Gbadeyan (Ghana) and F.O. Boachie Mensah (Ghana)

Abstr./Paper 16:  Market Orientation in Ethiopian Seed Producer Cooperatives
Dawit Tsegaye Sisay (Netherlands)

Abstr./Paper 17:  Perception of Waiting Time in Queues and Effects on Service Quality Perception and Satisfaction: A Research on Airline Check-in Services
Özlem Atalik (Turkey)

Session E

Abstr./Paper 18:  The mediating role of organizational innovation between capabilities and export performance
Margarida Vicente (Portugal)

Abstr./Paper 19:  The Marketing Effect of Price on Consumers ‘Preferences to Organic and Non-organic Private Labels and National Brands
Yating Tian (Germany)

Abstr./Paper 20:  The Impact of Affective Experiential State on Online Repurchase Intention: A Case from Turkey
Mine Oyman (Turkey) and Iclem Er (Turkey)

Abstr./Paper 21:  The determinants of customer loyalty amongst leading South African financial services’ brands
Christian Nedu Osakwe (Czech Republic)

Session F
Session F is part of the Forum on Industrial Organization and Marketing

Abstr./Paper 22:  Specialization in entry-level products: a strategy for industrial development in Africa
Diadié Diaw (France) and Albert Lessoua (France)

Abstr./Paper 23:  Collusive Effects of Three-Tier Multi-Channel Distribution
Isabel Teichmann (Germany)

Abstr./Paper 24:  Timing of Product Proliferation and Firm Successfulness: Evidence from Greek Yogurt
Yejing Ren (United States)