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2016: Conference Proceedings of the Finance and Economics Conference

This page lists the presenters and the country in which their institution/university/company is located. Click on the title of the presentation to find out more details.

Procedural Notes

Session A

Research on the Effect of Tax-deferred Pension on Economy
Liying Wei (China)

Intraday Momentum in FX Markets: Disentangling Informed Trading from Liquidity Provision
Gert Elaut (Belgium)

Modelling sovereign debt contagion: a smooth transition approach
Susana Martins (Portugal)

To believe or not to believe: monetary policy and the trend in house prices
Grzegorz Wesołowski (Poland)

The Importance of Social Capital to Economic Development: Sample of Turkey
Yasemin Telli Üçler (Turkey)

Revisiting the Effect of Crude Oil Price Movements on US Stock Market Returns and Volatility
Ralph Sonenshine (United States)

The Emergence of Alternatives to Bank Financing in ASEAN
Michelle Dy (Singapore)

Empirical Evidence on the Ricardian Equivalence in Turkey
Esra Kabaklarlı (Turkey)

Session B

Application to informative impact of Credit Rating Changes
Xuheng Tong (France)

Government debt holdings of non-residents – an analysis of the impact on selected emerging economies' sovereign risk
Michal Konopczak (Poland)

Liquidity risk in the UAE Islamic Banks (2008-2014)
Shereen Mostafa Bacheer (United Arab Emirates)

Capital Requirements for Government Bonds - Implications for Financial Stability
André Sterzel (Germany)

The Effect of Banks on Regional Economic Development
Sefika Betul Esen (United Kingdom)

Stress Testing and Business Cycle Dependence
Teona Shugliashvili (Germany)

Session C

Productivity, motherhood, and outside job offers: Exploring the gender salary and promotion gaps in academia
Ana Maria Takahashi (Japan)

Liquidity, Unemployment and Monetary Policy
Te-Tsun Chang (Taiwan)

Financial frictions and nominal wage rigidities in an estimated DSGE model
Sadia Afrin (Australia)

Two-sided financial sector shocks, external finance premium, and business cycle
Hongru Zhang (China)

Reducing income inequality by economics growth in Georgia
Nino Kontselidze (Georgia)

Economic Potential of Georgia and Perspectives of Economic Integration with Europe
Murman Tsetskhladze (Georgia)

Session D

High Impact Entrepreneurship in the Banking Sector: A Ghanaian Case Study
Kwaku Appiah-Adu (Ghana) and Christopher Boachie (Ghana)

Financing Africa's Transformation: The Role of Development Finance Institutions in Promoting Responsible Taxation and Development
Ojok Reagan Ronald (Kenya)

The Role of Finance in Promoting Sustainable Development
Glorymar Orta (Spain)

Competitiveness and Structural Characteristics of Nigerian Insurance Market: Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications
Saibu Olufemi Muibi (Nigeria)

Venture Capital Financing in a Developing Economy: A Ghanaian Case Study
Nana Kegya Appiah-Adu (Ghana)

Session E

Exploring House Price Bubbles in the UAE: A Hedonic Pricing Model of Homes in Dubai
Genanew Bekele Worku (United Arab Emirates)

Planned Opaqueness in Securitization
Takeharu Sogo (Japan)

The Importance of Relative Indicator in Quantitative Characterization of Population Employment
Ketaven Tchanidze (Georgia) and Nino Kontselidze (Georgia)

Role of e-commerce in economy
Zeinab Surmanidze (Georgia)

Session F

A Wavelet Based Study on Co-movement between Energy Market and Corn Market
He Shuquan (China)

Did the Dodd-Frank Act Reduce the Conflicts of Interests between CRAs?
Francesca Toscano (United States)

Currency Union, Peg One-to-one and Simple Fixed Exchange Rate: Disentangle the Effects on Trade
Laura Lebastard (France)